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  • Additional Successes 1

    Johnny and his familyJohnny and his family.

    Bill and Skip
    Bill and Skip smiling!

    Jenny W. one of Rose's puppies.

    Peg Burk and the crew
    Peg Burk and her crew.


    Tucker and Taz





    Tucker and Taz enjoying a game of baseball.






    Angie has been adopted!
    Missy's been adopted!

    (one of Rosie's pups),
    and her dad.


    Maggie (Was Mary) came into rescue with her two brothers, so her foster Mom named them Peter Paul and Mary. They had practically no socialization, and rarely left the barn they were kept in.

    But, like so many other dogs, they all bloomed with good food, attention, and lots of love.
    Mary was adopted by a wonderful couple who own a motel in a resort town in Wi. She has a doggie brother to hang around with, and loves her long walks and swims in the lake.

    Tippy: When Tippy's adoptive Mom was looking for a border collie, she happened on our web site and when she saw Tippy, she remembered that her first dog as a child was also named Tippy.
    And so after a long trip to her home near the Mississippi river, Tippy has become one of the family.

    Missy: One of the hardest decisions rescues and foster homes must make is which dog to take into rescue. With so many requests, it is very hard, and sad we cannot take them all.

    Missy was being held at the Milwaukee shelter. MADACC. They usually transfer dogs to the Milw.
    Animal Shelter, but in Missy's case, Milw could not take her.

    There was something about her picture that caught the eye of the foster home's Mom.
    "I know she can be saved to heal someone's broken heart" thought the foster Mom.
    So Missy came into resuce, and what a sweety she was. It wasn't long before a call came in inquiring about her. The adoptive parents had just lost their beloved border collie and were very sad.
    So Missy went to her forever home and indeed, helped to heal two broken hearts.


    Cooper, now Kiel: Border Collies have been bred for many years to work. Running miles a day herding sheep. It must be torture for one to be kept kenneled or in Cooper's case, haveing only a cable strung between two trees and his lead attached to it. That was the lenght of his exercise. Of course, any chance he got, he would run away. Which is why he came into rescue.
    RoseMarie, the foster Mom took him to test his herding ability on sheep. And he was very, very good.
    The instructor saw his potential and the next day called and asked to adopt him.
    You can see his picture on their web site:




    Tucker, a real gentleman, made such an impression that his foster family decided to adopt him!

    Jeff and Jenny (one of Rose's pup) enjoying there trip to Blue Mounds.

    Jan and Pip/Grady
    Grady is great on sheep !!!

    Since I adopted Jade (formerly Maddy) from Second Chance BC Rescue in 2003 she has accomplished many things. As of October 2006, her official name is "UGRACH Jade CGC MX AXJ". What all that means is that Jade has now earned the top title available to a UKC agility dog (the UGRACH title), she has also passed her Canine Good Citizen test (CGC title) and has also earned her AKC Master Agility Excellent title in Standard (her MX) and her Agility Excellent Jumpers With Weaves title (AXJ). Jade also qualified for the 2006 UKC Agility All-Stars by finishing in the top 50 dogs in the nation in both Agility 1 and Agility 2. Most recently we attended the Border Collie Society of America National Specialty where we competed in agility (qualifying in 3 out of 4 classes) and successfully passed our herding instinct test.

    "Greyson (one of the pups adopted this fall) loves to play with Zoe - another family doggie reports proud mom Suzi Garfoot. Zoe can drag Greyson across the floor at this point, but probably not for long!! He is really starting to fill out."


    Josh, Devin, and Riley Kammerud
    Happy Holidays from Josh, Devin and "Riley" Kammerud! Riley found his forever family in the fall of 2005!

    Riley's blog:


    Kasey, formerly Boots
    Kasey (Formerly "Boots") has a wonderful new mom, dad and border collie sister to play with!

    Lucy in the sky with diamonds

    My name is Lucy Cooper. My name started out as Lacey, a name someone at the humane society gave me, but after my foster mom Rose Marie met me she changed it to Lucy. I was found wondering the streets of Delavan and taken to the human society. I was later quarantined because of an outbreak of parvo virus. Only you can imagine how hard it was for me, a border collie mix, to be stuck in a cage for six weeks. Lucky for me my guardian angel Rose Marie took me to her house the first chance she got. She told my mom and dad it was another six weeks before I got my soul back. Aunt Rose Marie took care of me, was patient with me and loved me when nobody else did. With the help of her friend Carolyn, they found me a forever home. Now I'm a tree farm dog and have a lot to do. My family loves me very much and they tell me that they do each and every day.

    Aunt Rose Marie is still very special to me. Some times I get to visit her at her house and play. Some times she gives me presents and I get very excited when I smell the package because I just know it comes from her and that she didn't forget me.

    Today I am a very happy border collie. I am confident, active and healthy thanks to my foster mom, Rose Marie. I wish every border collie who needs one would have a guardian angel like her.

    Your friend,

    Abbie now Maddie has been adopted !!!

    "She had a blast at the beach which was super crowded because it is 70 degrees today. She frolicked with several dogs and was well-mannered and happy. She is passed out at my feet right now. I think the day's events have been exhausting for her."

    - Mary G.

    Lilly had a rough start to her life... but she's come a long way since then. Abandoned along a country road as a puppy, followed by life in a shelter and then rescued by Second Chance Border Collie, she came to us as a shy, cautious and reserved puppy. Everyday she comes out of her shell more and more. Lilly is always complimented on her good manners. She's so well mannered she gets invited to family gatherings. It's always great to hear how well she is doing from family and friends alike. She now goes around and greets everyone when she once used to cower. Lilly, like the rest of us, is always growing! She is a joy to have as part of our family!

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