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  • Additional Successes 3

    buddy - head of a black and white border collie buddy - black and white border collie sitting

    Buddy Bear has been successfully adopted!

    2 black and white border collies


    Finn found his forever home on New Year's Eve with Frank and Peggy Burke and is a delight to have! He and Rex are so comfortable with each other, you'd think they've known each other for years. Many thanks to Laura and Brianna for fostering him. Finn is leaning to play frisbie and he enjoys every dog toy we have. We'll look forward to having many years with him.





    black and white puppy with ears standing up


    Nell is sweet, a bit shy... and she has found her forever home! Lucky girl!


    Young black and white border collie laying in the grass and play with toys
    Heidi's surgery was a success thanks to our supporters. Now she has found a home!

    black dog iwth white and brown face, white chest and brown eyes




    "I love her because she makes me laugh and keeps me warm and doesn’t expect much in return. Such a deal!"
                                        — Mary G.

    Dog sitting


    2 black and white bcs in a farm field

    Liesl found a great home thru our networking. She enjoys romping with her buddy Skip.

    A black and white smooth coated boarder collie





    boarder collie catching a frizbe


    Alvin is mostly black with a white patch on his chest


    Duke a mostly black puppy with white tipped paws





    Duke - This 14 week old puppy found his home in Cottage Grove.... just because they saw him on our website!








    Mandy sitting, sleeping and playing

    OK, Mandy, now sit. Stay. Good girl, Mandy... Mandy now has a new home, too.


    Harley's Home!

    Harley’s been with us for almost a month now and is truly family. He and Ellie, our other dog, are best pals and won’t do anything without the other. Their play sessions are as much strategy as play and incredibly fun to watch. Ellie is half Greyhound and it took Harley about one day to figure out he was never going to get the upper hand on speed alone. He tried simply short-stopping her and she ran right over him, so he’s developed a kind of canine kung fu move – sort of like a hockey player’s hip-check but with some real juice on it. When he catches her in a turn, the results are spectacular. They both come back in the house grass-stained and delighted with themselves.

    He’s also a con artist. Our cat Molly, who considers herself queen of the house, likes to sleep on the kitchen stools because it keeps her slightly above eye level from the dogs. Harley comes slinking up (thinking I don’t see him) and while Molly is sleeping peacefully, he pops up next to her very suddenly. From Molly’s perspective, it’s got to be the visual equivalent of those action movie scenes when the SWAT helicopter swoops up from below bristling with men in body armor wielding laser-sighted weapons. Molly leaps up, all affronted royalty. Just when I’m reaching for the spray bottle, a reprimand forming on my lips, Harley tilts his head back, rolls his eyes back and gets this blissed-out expression on his face, as if to say “Hey, just me Mom, adoring the cat”. He’s scamming me, I know he’s scamming me and I still can’t help but laugh.

    We’ve had our issues (he concluded that the cat box was indoor plumbing, for example. While I’m not nuts about his conclusion, it’s hard to fault his logic. But none of them have been insurmountable. He’s a classic Border Collie, smart, eager to please and creative, sometimes a handful but always a joy. We are so grateful to Second Chance BC Rescue for providing him a path to our home and for all the work they do for other equally wonderful dogs.





    Punky has been adopted!







    Jack and his buddy




    Jack (left) has been adopted. He has a new home and a new buddy.









    ShotzieAfter loosing our wonderful Border Collie Laci to cancer, we knew we wanted another one to share our home . We found Shotzi through Second Chance Border Collie Rescue. Initially she had separation anxiety and some agression towards other dogs which concerned us. With a combinatin of socialization, behavorial work, and a holistic approach to her anxiety she has adjusted very well. She now loves other dogs and the separation anxiety is non existent. She is a loving, active, intelligent dog who has a place in our home and hearts for as long as she lives. How grateful we are that our paths crossed. — Connie



    One year anniversary, (Feb. 10), my bringing Jackie home with me — thanks to your help and referral. He's a remarkable dog — an absolute little champ.

    Thanks again,









    Buddy & Brenda
    Poor guy was attacked by a dog, 7-10 days before he came to SCBCR. His misfortune led to a bright future... Brenda, the vet tech where Buddy went for treatment, fell in love with him and adopted him.






    Baby Jane, a 12 wk. old border collie
    has found her home!

    Jill adopted
    Teddy goes fishing !!!

    Mae is a black border collie
    Mae has found her forever home!

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