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    This page is in memory of RaeAnn Bloomquist and Terri Tinsly who are taking care of all the dogs passing over to the Rainbow Bridge.

    Jazz (9/1/01 to 12/11/11)

    black and white border collieJazz was my first dog and although he had a rough start to his life he turned out to be one Great dog! Jazz joined my life while I was still in college and stuck by me through all my moves, my first job, and the rest of life’s ups and downs. He was the one constant in my life that brought me so much joy, laughter, and a few tears. Jazz was a typical border collie and kept me on my toes especially when his favorite pass times were; digging in the garbage, counter surfing, or opening locked doors! In 2007 Jazz was diagnosed with Addison’s disease but getting a Percorten injection every 28 days was no big deal to him, and the disease never slowed him down. December 11th 2011 I woke up to my nightmare. Jazz was lying on the floor unable to get up (but was able to wag his tail) I knew something was seriously wrong. The hardest decision of my life was saying goodbye to my sweet boy. I can’t thank Laura E enough for giving Jazz a 2nd chance at life, and giving me the opportunity to be his Mom. He will forever be in my heart and is greatly missed!



    Tribute to Shotzi

    black and white border collie with a chewed up frizby For three short years you blessed our lives,
    with love and play filled times.
    With frisbee, ball, exploring walks,
    you truly were one of a kind.

    We gladly planned for future days,
    more adventures we would share.
    But God reached down and took you home,
    The heartache, I can hardly bear.

    I see you in the silent snow,
    I see you everywhere,
    I sometimes feel you by my side,
    But I reach, and you're not there.

    Forever in my heart you'll stay,
    As close as you can be.
    I try to comfort the ache inside,
    knowing one day, your face I'll see.

    You'll run to me across the field,
    with frisbee worn from wear,
    I'll hold you close and toss you one,
    as my eyes shed happy tears.

    Till we meet again.................

    Jake's Memorial

    When I retired in 2002, my big retirement plans were a.a nice trip and b adopting Jake the minute we returned! He had been roaming wild and starving, so he needed some tender loving care before he came to us, but what a delight! His fur had been shaved and was growing in, it had been so badly matted when he was rescued, so it was awhile before we discovered what a beautiful fellow he was, inside and out. Over the years we took him on lots of trips and he was a good van traveler and a great ice-breaker wherever we went.

    We remember having to clear all surfaces of food as he had become a clever scavenger in his life on the run and nothing was safe. Right away he ate a box of chocolate truffles from valentine’s day, and when I called the vet and gave him something to make him throw up, he just slurped it up too and was fine, not so much as a cough. We only had him in our lives about 6 years, as he developed turmours later in life that made moving and walking painfull and slow. I got so hold him when he passed over with help from our vet, and the sadness was almost unbearable, as I know many others have gone through. But, we would take nothing for the experience and love to see our old movies of Jakie going through agility maneuvers and ignoring our little flock of sheep! He was  such a character!

    Cinders Memorial

    Even now, 16 yrs later, I can still hear the weird high pierced bark, whine, scream combination that came from the back row kennel at the local animal shelter.....Walking toward the kennel I saw a blur of black and white jumping straight up and down, all the while continuing that strange eerie noise.

    Well I guess you really need to go for a walk, I told the dog.....She was only a few months old, had been found in an abandoned barn, existing on twigs and dead leaves.......

    She was very pretty, classic black and white border collie, and when she walked out the shelter door with me in tow, I could see the keen awareness she had about her surroundings, her latent intelligence that the breed is so known for......and at that moment she stole my heart.

    When we got back into the shelter I told the manager that I wanted to adopt her,,,,,,and even though I already had two dogs and a full-time job, I couldn't let her go.

    And so she came to live with me, and initially had many physical problems to deal with, and her
    behavior issues were legion, along with the high pitched whine, scream bark. But with the help of my alpha dog, Boots, and many obedience classes, she blossomed into the wonderful dog, with a great heart, that I knew she was.

    The years went by quickly; the many dogs that came our way for fostering or visiting were always welcomed by her and she made them feel secure and hopeful that they too could one day have a loving home of their own.

    Last January her health problems became accute, and with heavy heart I had to say good-bye to my best friend and companion,,,,,my Cinders went to the bridge with my arms around her, and my tears pouring down into her soft tender words of love and gratitude were the last ones she would hear, and I knew they would go with her.

    It still hurts when I think of her, or see her picture on the wall, but then I think back to all the great times we had together, so many walks, agility classes, swimming,camping, and visiting friends.
    I was blest to have had her for all those years and hope everyone could have the same experience of unconditional love and devotion of a special dog.

    black and white bc mix and a beagle lying on a couch - bc mix showing his bellyBoris (black and white) was a border collie/beagle mix but was 100% border collie in my opinion, and he is missed so much over here beyond the Wisconsin border. He bounced into our lives back in November 1996 along with his half-sister Mickey (pictured on the right-in left photo) and changed our lives tremendously. He had separation anxiety and problems with socialization but he mellowed out and we also took him to Tops Kennel in Grayslake, Illinois.

    He crossed over the rainbow bridge on October 14, 2009 as he was suffering severely from kidney disease. That little boy was about 15 because Orphans of the Storm believed he was about 2 years old when we adopted him. He was my angel, my best friend and my child. He wanted tummy rubs 24/7.

    Joan and Gary

    mosly black dog being hugged by an adult man




    For Jarvey:

    He came to us from you, Laura, bounding off a bridge into a creek! He found his "forever home" with us 5 years ago at age 5. We just wish he had stayed longer. He didn't have a mean bone in his body, and he was the most affectionate dog we've ever had. After being diagnosed with prostate cancer last Thanksgiving, we freed him of suffering on January 10th. He had been Frank's "forever pal" and they always will be "pals forever."



    Black and white dog with ears up looking attentive



    For Skippy:

    She skipped into our lives 15-1/2 years ago at the approximate age of 1 with a bandaged hind leg after being hit by a car. She still ran around and never stopped until she passed away at 16-1/2 on April 27th. Her spirit never quit - she ate her treats even as she slipped away. She taught us a great lesson.


    We miss them both.
    Peggy & Frank


    A TRIBUTE TO BOOTS..........She was my very first border collie, actually a border collie/blue heeler mix.

    The sign at the driveway to the farm read: Free Puppies........and since I had been looking for a dog, decided to drive in and take a look.

    Six short legged, mostly black bundles of energy whimpered and jumped up in their wire enclosure.....I settled on a female with a white stripe on her forehead. Boots, that will be your name, I told her, nothing fancy, just plain Boots.

    When I started to be involved in rescue, fostering dogs with unknown backgrounds and various temperaments and problems, it was soon evident to me what a tremendous asset Boots was.........She was the Alpha....and even though her legs were short, she was stockpile built and commanded respect from the motley crew that came through our doors.......A lip curl, a deep growl and the other dogs sensed that she was in charge, and they could relax and get accustomed to their new surroundings.

    She grew old, but always vigilant in her duties as alpha.........her end came quickly, her 12 years were filled with walks, swims, travels and of course, her favorite: food.

    We miss her, and love her still, may everyone have a dog so dedicated and loving as our Boots.

    A TRIBUTE TO SHELLY: When Boots was a few years older, the thought occurred that she might like a companion. So to the shelter we went, and took her along......We actually would bring dogs out for her to 'check out'. After about five dogs which didn't pass her tests, she finally settled on an all black mix, who was very laid back and barely gave her a look.....But he was the one, and so Shelly came into our family.....

    Shelly had his own way of helping with rescue too...his calmness and non-aggression soothed many a rescue dog, as well as his willingness to play chase with them in the back yard.

    Always the gentleman and friend...........May you rest in peace til we meet again.

    Black and white headshot of Derby; Derby in the snow-mostly white with orange spots around his eyesMy three kids were excited to have a dog in the house once again and Derby was ready to earn his spot in the family. Literarily. He was almost all white except his orange patch on his left eye, but more orange spots began to appear daily with all the loved we poured onto him and that he gave us in return. He is also missed dearly by the stable cats, although they seemed to know before we did. He will always be in our hearts and never forgotten. He is waiting patiently at Rainbow Bridge for me, cancer free.

    In memory of my "angel" Bo who brought such joy and love into my life. May you be free of pain and know I shall never forget you. We will meet again at the bridge.



    "We told him he's free now, to run down all the open roads he wants! They'll all lead him back to us eventually."

    With great sorrow,
    Brenda, Dave, Lily and Wally


    Laura's Kody, a grand ol Scottsman, who is greatly missed.





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