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  • 2nd Chance Border Collie Rescue Spring/Summer Newsletter 2011

    The calendar says it’s Spring, and we are all waiting for those nice, warm, sunny days that we and the doggies enjoy so much.

    Red, our long time foster has been adopted!!! He not only found a wonderful home but a job too. He is working, chasing geese at a Madison area golf course. We are so very happy for him and his owner. Bree, who Laura Wentz fostered, has also found a home. In addition, Bella, another one of our fosters has recently been adopted.

    Last fall, RoseMarie agreed to take in Joey, a young border collie who had been living on a chicken farm constantly tied up and badly neglected. After many months of rehabilitation and training, he is still exhibiting behaviors that would not allow us to adopt him out at this time. He is in sanctuary, which means he is in a loving home, but not adoptable at this time. His ongoing care will be covered by our rescue. Joey and our future rescues are in need of flea protection or heartworm preventive medications. If you have any to donate, please send them to us. It would be very helpful and appreciated. Joey weighs 35 lbs.

    We have encouraging news to report! After years of attempting to achieve official non-profit status through the IRS 501c, last fall a wonderful attorney, Mr.Jack Longert from Madison, offered to help us pro bono. With his assistance, all appropriate documents have been submitted and we are confident that we will reach our goal. This, of course, will be very beneficial to our organization and our goal to improve the quality of life of border collies. We are very grateful to Mr.Jack Longert for his pro bono assistance and are confident forwarding his email for anyone in need of legal advice or services:

    Many of the rescues have this tax status, and it allows for tax deductions for any of your donated items and cash. Their is also the potential to receive small donations from companies when they know they are able to receive tax deductions. Would anyone like to offer their time to pursue these form of donations?

    Though we are pursuing the 501c non-profit status, we want you to assure you that SCBCR has always been a non-profit organization and our bank statements have always been available for anyone interested in viewing.

    The annual Mound’s Pet Store Dog Fair is set for Sunday, June 12th at Angel Park in Sun Prairie. It is such a fun day for owners and dogs too, with many vendors, dog sport demonstrations, and of course, we and other rescue organizations will have informational booths. We are hoping for terrific weather and a great turnout!!!

    If you have an hour or two to help out at our booth we would appreciate it. Anyone who is available to support SCBCR on this occasion, please contact Laura at (608) 437-1363.

    Another event you will want to put on your calendar is the annual Labor Day Sheep Herding Trial in Portage. It’s amazing to watch the dogs and handlers who come from all over the country to compete in this trial. For more information you can visit the web site:

    If you are interested in seeing your dog working sheep, you can do that too!! Who knows, you might get hooked on herding !!! Those interested can contact John Wentz at (608) 697-3681 or email

    We would like to thank Julie Raasch, our Web mistress, who has set up our Facebook account. We can now update on our foster dogs and chat with adopters and friends, so check us out. We would also love for you to post as well. You can let us know how things are going or add a funny story, etc. Photo’s are real popular as well. So post away!!! Our Face Book address is

    Many thanks to all who donated to us at Christmas time and throughout the year. Without your help we would not be able to keep our doors and homes open and our efforts ongoing to take care of the homeless Border Collies dear to our hearts.

    If you are able to consider it, we are in great need of more foster homes. Sadly, there have been times when we have had to turn down potential foster dogs because of the lack of foster homes. Also, with all the fostering we have been doing, we often find ourselves in need of time and energy to spend time with our own dogs and families. It is important to SCBCR to maintain a good quality of life for all.

    We are looking forward to seeing and hearing from you this Spring and Summer.

    Thank You!
    Laura Everson, Laura Wentz and RoseMarie Riedl

    Second Chance Border Collie Rescue

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